Tuesday, January 15, 2013

As Somnolence takes me in

At night under the eye of the sun
Last moment before you give up reality
And before you give in to dreams
There is state where you may choose which gate to pass in your sleep
There was a time when you dedicated that song for me
That song was my Panacea that keeps my heart together
That kept my eyes from weeping
That kept my soul from creeping
In a world full of non since
You made the entire unknown soulful
Now that the dark destiny torn us apart
Forfeits you in another world
Like the gray clouds obscuring the sun in long cold winter
As Somnolence takes me in
The songs that used to make us dance in exhilaration
Those songs became the poison
The drug that I’m eternally addicted to
As my eyes are floods with thin film of bitter tears
In that state of Somnolence I feel total despair to see you again
It might sound insane
But yes
An incarnated light of your sweet face manifested in a reverie
So I give up my sorrows
Hoping that we will be joined tomorrow
And I fall into my own bubble of void insanity

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