Tuesday, January 15, 2013

i curse the moon

As I passed by the castle
Where I used to be a knight
I stared at the ruins
Of the glory that bards used to sing
And all I heard was predatory Howling
And the dark of ravens in the sky
I couldn’t take it
I want to hide inside my head
As I walked beneath the grayish twilight
A gloomy site
The fire has eaten everything
Between the dark blue noise
I thought I heard that voice
It said she’s waiting for you
In the ancient temple
Behind the stream
But I knew
It’s all lies
And the walls of the castle
Would deceive me
Who am I
Just a homeless in a place that I used to call home
Just a shadow amongst the darkness where I used to live the light
And under the gloomy grayish twilight
I saw her walking towards me from a distance
Down the stream
Beside the ancient temple ruins
Could it be that I am dreaming
Could it be that she too survived
A sign of life between the shades
Beside the dead fountain
There she was in black cloak
As the cold wind brought her perfume to my lungs
I felt alive
So I took her in my arms
I let a tear
She wasn’t real
She just vanished through the shades
And I fell to my knees
On the rocky streets of the old town
Where I used to be the child
I just wept by the stream
My bitter tears emerged the water
And my dreams found their way to the cemeteries
I’m a stranger in this place
Where they all died
I will live with my disgrace
And every day I just walk amongst the ruins
Amongst my memories
The place is dead
Where I used to be a youth
White of hairs burnt my head
I am close to fall dead
And all I wanted was one last time
To see the place where I used to be a king
Where I used to drink and sing
Where we never knew the sorrows
Where we thought that tomorrow
Will never bring us so much pain
Will never ever break our hearts
And beneath that tree by the stream
Where we both lived a dream
Where we had our first kiss
Where the air carried the words of I love you of our lips
We never knew that we’re destined to be torn apart
On that place where I used to be alive
I curse that day when I was the only who survived
I curse the moon and its light in a long long lonely night
I curse myself it is true I survived but I just ran I didn’t fight

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