Tuesday, January 15, 2013

you wake up in pain

You wake up insane
You wake up in pain
You’ve seen the last moments of a silent dream
And you’ll soon be reopened to a nightmare
Loud and clear
That the love you’ve once had
The passion that you used to share
For ever gone
It’s not really there
So hold and behold
It’s the same garden
The same sycamore that used to hold us in its shade
Behold the phantom of the birds
That used to fill the place with their songs
Behold the pavements that used to blossom and cheer
Behold the branches covered in ice
The dead leaves and cold wind plays them
Behold the scared bleeding heart
Cold like the days of September
Behold my eyes you can’t cry
My soul went ice dry
And nothing can move it again
You wake up in pain covered with newspaper
Like any beggar
Only you beg for her back
For the sun on your face
For the lake to be alive again
For the love that you once had
You breathe but you don’t seem to be alive
Inhaling sadness
Exhaling regrets and the stinks of your stupid mistakes
And as the spring arrives
You won’t feel any warmth
To your heart you can’t feel her close
The sun seems pale on the gloomy sunrise
You once called her my life
And when she left you felts that everything inside you dies
Now that she’s for ever gone
Behold the last few moments of your silent dream
As loud as cruel
You will never feel her in your arms again

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