Saturday, June 30, 2012

O beloved

O beloved
Can you hear me
When I think of you
Because I believed
You said we’re one
O beloved
Can you feel me
When I’m in pain
when yearning attacks me
Because now you’re gone
Then at night
When it strikes me
With no mercy
when I’m lonely
All we had
Turned to memories
And it won’t let me be
Embraces me like a dear old friend
Consumes me
And I can’t help it
But to call you
Would you be there for me
When all my ships set sail of my shore with no return
Would you through your anchor at my shore
Would you burn this map and your sails
Would you dump your campus in the sea
Would I be your final destination
would you sink this ship that takes you away from me
O beloved
Come back to me


How cold my heart is
Cold enough not to smile at a princess
Cold like a proud leader sending his boys to death
Dry ice cold that would hurt you at touch
Like Siberian wolf killing beauty in a deer for late lunch
As the eyes of the beast glows the red of blood on his mouth
Cold like the sense of rejection
Cold like the corpse in closed casket
Cold like the last slumber of fire in
Like the dancing line of smoke rising from its ashes
Announcing a dark cold night
Cold enough to walk away from my happiness
Cold enough not to smile back at you my princess
Cold and void as It only knew loneliness
And my heart can only give bitterness

And then at night

And then at night
When darkness veils or world
People invade my bar
I serve them wine
I serve them happiness and sorrows
I hear whispers of loves from those far couple tables
And I hear desperate whining at the bar
Then the place gets full
And all I hear is murmurs of the sound H
Billiard balls crack with glasses of wine
A laugh her another there
The night goes on and on
And at the dawn
When everybody leave
Here I stay
Washing glasses
Watching loneliness sneaking into my tormented soul
Cracking my most sacred doors
Devours me
Inside and out
I feel hollow
Everything I touch turns into weeps
I creep onto the ground
With the broom in my hands
I gaze into an imaginary point
Hanged between ceiling and floor
Where I can see your smile
Where everyone has a home to return too
You were my home
And here I stay
As I close my eyes
Wishing I would die
Wishing that you’d be last thing I see
Before my spirit leaves my immortal body and fly

Thursday, June 21, 2012

At her rocks

Taken by the mystery
Of her smile
My courage breaks
At the rocks
Wave after wave
Like the sea
My courage just breaks
Like a butterfly
I don’t know why
I’m attracted
To her fire
And her fire
Is the fuel
To my desire
But my courage breaks
Afraid to be burnt
In her fire
But her smile
It just tempt me
Should I?
Would I?
I’ve been hurt before
Shards of me
Turned to dust
I can’t trust
Love and lust
Isn’t for me
But I’m taken
By her smile
And the mystery
Of her sigh
I wouldn’t hide it
I can’t lie
I can’t fight  it
I would fly
A butterfly
To her fire
By her light
I feel light
As I kissed her lips
In my dream
I chant her name
In a melody
Of her and me
I just say
Taken by her smile
Just few steps
Between me and her
To get there
But my courage breaks
At her rocks

paint the wall with my brain... but leave me not

Hey girl
You ma dream girl
Only prettier
So be tender
Have mercy
On the gambler
Cause I would bet
All I’ve got
Just on you
Cause you’re the one
So hear me out
If I don’t find the right words
But you’re the right one
In the right time
I promise you
I’d be kind
I’d be thoughtful
I’d be fun
To be around
So paint the wall
With my brain
But don’t you
Leave me stranded
Paint my realm
With a dream
Of you and I
To you
I’ll be addicted
Be my drug
Be my cure
Get me high
Fill my space
Draw a smile
On my face
Paint tomorrow
With you sweetness
With no sorrow
Paint my thoughts
With your wildness
Give me a reason
To survive
And be that reason
Why I’m alive
Have mercy
On the drunk
With your kindness
Paint the wall
With my brain
But leave me not
Turn my pages
They’re all clear
They’re all blank
Cause I’ve been waiting
Just for you to appear
And shine one me
To show me light
In the darkness
With your smile
That I adore
Be the savior
To my soul
Cause I’m drowning
Since I met you
Pull me out
Of my fears
And wrap me warm
Of all the tears
That I would shed
If you don’t love me
Like I do
I’ll drop dead
So paint a smile
On my face
Say you love me
Don’t be shy
Don’t ask me why
It’s just you that I want
All I need
I found in you
All I need
Just a gesture
Of yes I do