Sunday, February 12, 2017

breath of ecstasy

we are the pioneer sinners
we invented iniquities 
that no one has done before
we are poets and authors 
we create lives
out of our imagination
we put the prologue
we plot
and we predict endings
to suit our desires
we revive the deads
and kill the livings
we create realms of fantasy
and drag the readers into different worlds
we revive imagery
out of letters
we keep you up all night
we steal your attention
and influence your dreams
to hate
to love
to terrify you
and yet
we face injustice
every time our writings die
when not being read
we die inside
we're jealous
we're broken
when our books are not equally appreciated 
as the efforts it took
to spell our minds
into papers
we are the keepers of memories
and what keeps us going
the resurrection within
of an author
who never truly dies
every time someone reads his words
he's up for one more breathe
of ecstasy

Friday, February 10, 2017


have you ever yearned a past
that you never really enjoyed
i have
is it that every day for us is worse than the one before
or may be we lack the wisdom
and enthusiasm
to enjoy now
frozen moment
triggered by the likes of which
inside your mind
some makes your heart pump faster
some makes you close to faint
some pass with no reaction to your face
some are heartbreaking
some are cheerful
you're trapped in the past
you never enjoyed
that you spoil the moment
and you lose all hope
of a better future
now you realize
you're in a closed circle
and that you grew older
with every dead dream
with every lost love
with every lost
and you're triggered
by links that remind you of the past
and you're not happy with where you are now
all in vain